jerry miner

Did you hear the one about the guy who was born in Athens, Greece, grew up surfing, worked at a comedy club, poured 1,000,000 drinks, held Slash’s guitar, wrote a show for a Sex Pistol, married a comedian and moved to Tacoma?

With over 20 national television appearances and 1000 stories from Hollywood and back, Jerry’s observant, clean brand of humor sucks you in, slops you around and holds you under for just a few seconds. It’s a rip tide of laughs. Entertaining and appropriate for all audiences. Just ask the kids.

"Very Entertaining!"
    --Orange County Weekly

"Jerry was a tremendous hit handling our panel discussion during the day and had our clients and guests laughing hysterically at our evening event. Truly the funniest speaker we have ever worked with."
    Meg Gallagher, Manager of Special Events - PHH Arval

    --Los Angeles Times

"Jerry Miner's easygoing onstage presence and smart, witty material is evidence of someone with an intelligent writing style and ability to connect with his audience to create an enjoyable night of standup."
    Allan Johnson, Chicago Tribune